Is it Time to Clean your Diesel Filter?

You may experience any of the following:
- Loss of horsepower
- Loss of mileage
- Engine stalling or shutting down
- Backpressure increasing
- Filter going into regeneration too frequently


Ward Diesel Filter - No Smoke

Filter Cleaning

Periodically cleaning and regenerating your Diesel Particulate Filter is necessary for the maintenance of the filter.

DPFs are designed to trap soot, and a by-product of this process is the build-up of ash, which will grow on the surface of the filter, and eventually clog its pores. Cleaning and regenerating the filter will maintain the DPFs effectiveness.

At FilterCleaner.com, we use a proprietary multi-step process to clean your filters, and our 20 years of experience in the industry puts us ahead of the rest in quality, customer service, and customization.

Our proprietary process can include baking the ceramic, blowing the ash, and completely regnerating the filters. With a specialized ash collection system that captures and contains the ash before proper disposal, we are committed to providing the best possible results.


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