Is it Time to Clean your Diesel Filter?

You may experience any of the following:
- Loss of horsepower
- Loss of mileage
- Engine stalling or shutting down
- Backpressure increasing
- Filter going into regeneration too frequently


Ward Diesel Filter - No Smoke

Spare Filters

OEM and Aftermarket Replacement Filters
We offer replacement DOC and DPF filters for on-road trucks, model years 2007-2010.

Caterpillar | Cummins | Detroit Diesel | Freightliner | Fuso | Hino | International | Kenworth | Mack | Mitsubishi | Paccar | Peterbilt | Sterling | Volvo | Western Star

OEM Filters Available
at Close-to-Reconditioned Prices!

Purchase a new spare filter and limit your vehicle downtime.
How does it work?
1. When it's time to clean your filter, simply replace with your spare filter.
2. Send your filter to us for cleaning.
3. When you get your filter back, have it ready on your shelf for the next time you need one.

Save money by not replacing your filter each time with questionable reconditioned filters.

And get a long life for every filter you put on your vehicle.

What can you expect from our aftermarket filters?
- Brand new (Not reconditioned)
- Built as direct replacements of OEM parts for easy installation
- Tested to produce the same emission reductions and same backpressure as original units
- Can be cleaned in the same manner as OEM part

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