Is it Time to Clean your Diesel Filter?

You may experience any of the following:
- Loss of horsepower
- Loss of mileage
- Engine stalling or shutting down
- Backpressure increasing
- Filter going into regeneration too frequently


Ward Diesel Filter - No Smoke

CCV Filters

Many people employ Crankcase Ventilation systems (CCVs) to furthur reduce total emissions of diesel engines.

CCVs protect against contaminated crankcase blow-by and provide engine operators with a highly effective solution that is easy to install and maintain. Under the severest of conditions, the CCV will provide superior oil coalescence and crankcase pressure control.
The maintenance of CCVs is simple: routine filter replacement. A typical life of the CCV filter is 750 hours, varying by load profile, engine wear condition, flow and aerosol mass concentration of crankcase emmissions, and soot concentration.

FilterCleaner.com will provide you with replacement filters for your CCV
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